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A voice so musically enrich it will leave you screaming for more. A voice that brings alive the R&B and Pop genre, that voice is Cleavon “Cjae” Childs the epitome of talented.

And like every other musician Cjae grew up singing in the church, choir at a tender age but according to the singer, “he started writing music out of fun and progressively getting better as he go along. After he finished secondary school and met a musical skillful producer, he started taking music seriously, and from since then it has been a learning experience getting better year after year.”
According to Cjae “some of his inspiration comes from growing up listening to a lot of soulful music like Boyz II Men, Barry White and a lot of old skool R&B, but in terms of him portraying his music style and what influences it are things he can personally relates to, because it’s kind of hard writing about things you doesn’t know.”

Unlike most musician who do music full times, Cjae currently has a job and still peruses his music career. And though the singer says it not easy, he continues to remain focused. He says because you spend 8 hours at work which can be mentally draining and then you have to come home and work on your craft, according to him some days he can’t even do anything because he is too tired from having a hectic day, but he try to work through all the obstacles and make tremendous use of the weekends for his music.
Although the artist would like to do music full time “he says sometimes you have to do what you got to do until you can do what you love.”

The singer who is finally getting out of his comfort zone and breaking out of the shell of shyness, has recently started doing live performances at the Le Chateau Restaurant & Bar every Wednesday from 7:30 PM  and he says the feedback and encouragement is great and that in itself motivates him to continue pushing on.

Accoring to Cjae he is hoping to reach a point where he can write for other people or even some of the bigger names in music while he works on himself as an artist, because he wants to continue writing good music and getting his name out there, travel, perform and do tours.

Currently, the singer is working on an R&B mixtape.
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